23 March 2009

AutoClick With New MultiClick 1.5.1 2009

May have already saturated the PTC business took boring.
there are other ways to not be bored, slightly sharper indeed, but just try I do not think the problem. Way is to use the program MultiClicker. With the software you do not need to go to the PTC system, you do not even need to click the ad, keep this software working. You need to do is run the program, login and click start, then the program will automatically click the ad list, you do not see how the program is clicking ads, dollars will go directly into your account.

This program is freeware and can be downloaded in http://www.autoclickers.org/, or clicks can here to download. PTC type which can be utilized is 10Bux.net, Bux.to, Bux3.com, CrewBux.com, FoxCash.net, ThinkBux.com, World-Bux.com and iClickClub.com. But who can follow in the 10Bux.net have 4, Bux.to, Bux3.com and iClickClub.com, others have disappeared because they were not able to pay by the program.

If you are sure to use this program, then I should be ready in the permanent banned by PTC I discovered that using this program. But words such as saying: lost 1 PTC 1000 PTC grow. Now it's your friend, take the best ..


Kino said...

Thanks, i can try it..

BURAOT said...

hi kinodeon,

your site is now on my entredropper list, on batch#14. liknback will be posted soon.


Mad at Work said...
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Mad at Work said...

Is this safe to use with other PTC that have a so-called "CHEATLINK" once you click it your account will reset to zero or banned for cheating? Is this software safe? I have an account in Bux.to. By the way thanks for sharing.

maue said...

i don;t think this is useful anymore
we might get banned to do this illegal thing, anyway thanks for sharing
hope we can exchange of links

here's my blog


pegasys said...

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Sridhar said...


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