25 January 2009

How to Create and Install Ad

* Leaderboard Ad
This ad is placed in the most appropriate above the Fold, near the header may be most optimal because the horizontal position and length. Ads like this one including the type of ad you high gain or most likely to have clicked, because the number of ads within the ad unit much more.
How to create a leaderboard ad is to click the AdSense Setup> AdSense for Content. Then you must choose the Ad Unit, type ads can be selected in the combo Ad Unit. Select the Format leaderboard. Select a color or other attributes proselytizer ad, enter the channel. The AdSense unit name, fill in a name for the ad unit / page ad unit.
To get the code, you can press the button Submit and Get Code. The code ready to copy to place do you want (To leaderboard usually in the header or footer)
When first placed, AdSense ads are always showing the text services, such as Gulf Hurricane Relief. After some time, if the AdSense bot is detected content, display ads will be visible.
* Banner Ad
Horizontal banner ad is the ad you used in the appropriate article or blog above / below the article, but not in the header and footer. Banner, two, vertical and horizontal, they are used in the appropriate article.
* Ad Skyscapper
Yesterday I had another great opportunity to get a click is skyscapper. This ad is long and vertical. Placed on the appropriate sidebar / side of the page. You can select an item Skyscrapper in the ad unit format.
Once you get the code and inserted into the sidebar