28 January 2009

Amazon Tips: Increase Earning with Beautifull Widget

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earning from affiliate programs like Amazon is not easy, because the income is based on a commission from the sale is not on Pay Per Click. This month I intensively trying various ways to increase the earning in the Amazon, finally kutemukan tips to increase sales.

Platform theory like this (rich college aja: D) that a visitor-oriented shopping always want the basic information needed, especially the price, and condition of the product, and trust in the product based on the recommendations that he get. At the beginning of the beginning of the play-amazon, I use many techniques link images, so visitors to the amazon to be the image that there is a link to the site, of course, we need to have id. With this technique is effective to improve the impression Amazon, but do so not maximum sales. May be many visitors who were trapped (and disappointed) you want to get detail information about the shape / condition of the product, but even waiting for amazon to load a relatively long time. The psychological image is the product if there is a link asumsinya in the zoom image, which may make them look forward and wait ...
In addition I also try to mutually widgets offered by amazon, not a match.

And finally kutemukan widget beautiful and according to the principles of the information necessary potential visitors. And, of course, can evidently improve the earning-ku. I try a widget 'My Favorites' is optimized.
Next step :
1. Please go to TKP
2. Log In ID and password-mu
3. On the Tools, Build Links / Widgets
4. Select 'My Favorites' widget
5. If a mozilla firefox browser open new tab go to Amazon
6. Select a product category that you want
7. Find products that are considered most favorite (there are asterisks)
8. Search keyword from the title
9. Enter the search box to click Go
10. Click add
11. Give 'comment' that bedevil
12. Repeat no. 9 for other products
(tips: enough 2 or 3 product, because this widget is quite heavy on the load), if the next step is.
13. In the display option, set the widget size, color & design, may also be replaced to its title
14. And most importantly, the switch rating , to give the impression that this is quite a lot of good people direviews (akan bintangnya appear if the selected product berating high)
15. Place them in a strategy on the web / blog you

Congratulations try!