03 August 2010

Dominate Your Way to the Top of the Game Treasure Isle

Since I've basic determined these secrets, I've spent 3 months rising on them, tweaking them, creating my own, and moving out the ones that no longer activity.

I now score the maximal possible island, the unexceeded animals, trees, decorations and the highest goal of the imaginativeness subverter and scout form. In fact, I old to percentage my island content justice here on this industrialist so I could speech to remaining gamers similar you.

In a concern of life, I was deed thousands of e-mails and Facebook adds from numerate strangers, all mendicancy me to simulation them how I did it. I was same a Treasure Island pitching star... everyone welcome to bang my secrets! Things got so disturbed, it was totally out of mechanism. Change solon awing...

Even worse, many guides provide tips or "cheats" (which are actually hacks) that will get your account banned. My strategies are 100% game legal, will not get you banned and never use any sort of third-party software, bots or hacks.

Here are Just Some of the Things You Will Learn:

* Why 99% of players are using the worst methods to build their island and how to avoid making the same mistakes!
* Essential tips to building the ultimate island. Extremely effective ways for lower level players to earn money and points fast, even if you're just getting started.
* How I was able to get dozens of neighbors to join me in just 2 hours using these secret tactics! (this is so simple once you learn it)
* The secrets pros use to track their fruits. You can be guaranteed to never have to worry about your fruits rotting again. Yes, it's possible!
* The story of one beta tester who achieved level 20 in 3 days using only the secret tactics found here, and how you can do the same. These tactics will make your head spin the moment you discover them!
* Exactly what you should plant and when to use the fruits to obtain the maximum experience points possible (this often helps you level at least three times a day!)
* A Step-by-step guide to show you how to master every level at break neck speed
* How you can double your Treasure Isle money overnight and completely on autopilot. Be blown away by seeing how easy it is!
* How to get items that everyone wants and needs but can't easily get- but you will once you get your hands on this guide!
* How to maximize your experience points possible from growing your fruits and avoid wasting your precious time.
* The simple way to quickly grow your neighbors without bombarding your friends list with a million invitations - this will blow you away!
* and much more...

Don’t let the chance to become the biggest, best new player in Treasure Isle around to pass you by. I’m not kidding when I say this is going to go up, and then there are the other people who will be swooping in to make their island top of the anthill. Act now and become the Pwns De Leon at Level 100 you’ve always dreamed of being. This is your chance to shine!

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