03 August 2010

Get Level 200 In Under 3 Days With Mafia Wars Black Book

You can try to read Mafia Wars all by yourself, put your acquirement points into the improper boxes, buy the condemnable items and do everything backwards, and you strength get there.

Or you could take from the Mafia Wars selected, a unit of experts who couple Gangland Wars inner and out and can pretence you exactly what you necessity to do to be the optimum in the reality.

You can be that guy who all the newbies label on for meliorate. You can be the guy who never loses a press, You can be the guy who sits on the hitlist for over an minute successful.

Inside You'll Learn :

* How to get to Level 200 in under 3 Days and 300 in under a week.
* Why 95% of players pick the wrong class to powerlevel with and the class you should REALLY pick to level with.
* Where you NEED to put your skill points to level the quickest you possibly can.
* How you can keep playing Mafia Wars for hours straight without ever needing to wait for energy to regenerate.
* How to get so many stat points you don't know what to do with them.
* How to get to a high level so you can farm the top tier items and demolish other players in fights.
* Top Secret Strategies That 99% of players don't know about, and how you can use them to defeat anyone who stands in your way.
* A Way you can level fast AND build a character so strong you win practically every fight.

But you have to learn the secrets how, inside the Mafia Wars Black Book Levelling Guide you will discover those secrets.

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