22 October 2012

Google Sniper 2.0 Review - Discover How To Make Money With ClickBank

This Google Sniper 2.0 Review had some changes since the product first launched but during most of the time it ended with me saying that you shouldn’t buy Google Sniper 2.0. Do you feel that you are pressed for money? Perhaps you were laid off of your job and you must look for a quick way to make money. Or you can just be fed up with your difficult and stressful job and are looking for a better way. Everyone knows that the country is facing a devastating financial hardship that is causing thousands of Americans to either loose their jobs or face a reduction of their working hours. Well I am here to review a product that at first I was skeptical but, I figured out that it works pretty well and is an easy way to help make money via the internet. It is called the Google sniper 2. You may be curious to know what exactly the Google sniper is.

During the month of June (and part of July) I rewrote this review so that it actually ended with me recommending the product. That change was only a part of an experiment I run since I wanted to see exactly how much money I was giving up by not recommending Google Sniper.

The version you are reading now is the final and most updated version so you can be sure that there is no experiment going on here and what I say in this review is what I truly think.

What Exactly Is Google Sniping?

Google Sniping is the art of building these essentially one page ‘sniper’ sites that rank in the search engines exceptionally well. And they rank well with very little if any off page optimization or link building because of the unique ‘formula’ used to build the sites.

The formula is based on using Exact Match Domains (EMD’s).

Using EMD’s was indeed a great way to get high Google rankings with very little effort (usually without any link building) but that was true in 2009 and part of 2010 and as you probably know, what works great today might not work so great (or work at all) in the near future.

This is exactly the case with Google Sniper. What worked great in 2009 and 2010 isn’t really working so great today and you need more than just an EMD in order to rank in Google.
The Main Question

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The main question for me when it came to reviewing Google Sniper 2.0 was:

    “Will Google Sniper 2.0 Actually Provide Any Value and/or New Information That Is Going To Be Worth my/your Time & Money?”

Members Area

As you probably know, mine is not the only review out there about Google Sniper 2.0 but what you may not know is that only few really buy the product or get early access to it and provide a real review.

I actually bought the product again in late May 2012 in order to update this review and I reviewed everything inside the members area.

As you can see, the members area is quite simple to understand and everything is easily accessed thanks to the top navigation bar. Here is a little breakdown of every tab so you will know exactly what to expect.

Getting Started Tab

Here you will find the welcome video from George and simple instruction on how to watch the videos and read the PDF files.

Google Sniper 2.0 Tab

This is where the actual content of the course is found. You will get access to 2 eBooks (Introductory eBook & The Google Sniper Manual), 7 video modules and process maps.
Further Training Tab

In this section you will get access to an additional 8 videos that will cover additional techniques and strategies that will further enhance your ‘sniping’ skills.

Empire Module Tab

Here you will find the all new Sniper Outsourcing Blueprint which is fully covered in 7 videos.

Rolodex Tab

This is the “tools of the trade” page in which you will find links to various tools that will help you with your Google Sniping efforts.

Sniper X Tab

In the Sniper X tab you will find 11 Q&A webinars that George did since the product launched which will add tremendous value to the actual product.

You will also find 23 videos that will cover new techniques, strategies and updates. It also includes a video about the state of Google Sniping in 2012 which just shows you that George keeps updating this course, making sure it is always up to date with all the changes that are going on.

I know that the Sniper X feature was an upsell when the product launched but it seems you are getting it free now when you simply purchase the product and I actually think that the videos inside the Sniper X tab are much more valuable than the main course. Pretty great and valuable information is being shared here.

Support Tab

Here you will get access to the Google Sniper 2.0 support desk so any problem or question you have will be answered in a short period of time. Support is very important and you can be sure that you will find great and easy to access support desk here.
So What’s Really New?

When Google Sniper 2.0 first launched on February 2011 there wasn’t really too much mew stuff inside the members area. That was the main reason I decided not to recommend it.

It seemed to me that George Brown took the original product, repackaged it and re-launched it in order to make more money from the hype of a so called “new” product launch.

Since I bought the product again in late May 2012 and got access to the members area I actually noticed that now it does contain some new stuff that wasn’t there when it first launched. All the webinars that were held as part of the membership since it launched are now inside the members area and there are an additional 23 new videos that cover new techniques, strategies and updates.

The Bottom Line

Google Sniper 2.0 does have new information that you wouldn’t find in the original product but I personally don’t think that it is updated to 2012 and all the recent major changes Google did.

So to answer the main question from above I don’t think Google Sniper 2.0 is worth your time and money since I think there are better products out there that newbies can learn more from and get more value for their money and time. This system is very helpful and I recommend it to anyone looking for a way to make some extra money.