28 January 2009

How to Sign Up AdSense

List the steps Google Adsense

# 1 Create a site / blog in English
To be more easy, just create a blog in English. Remember, do not make the wordpress.com wordpress.com because we did not attach the ad. Most bikinlah easy in Blogger. Terms to make a blog on Blogger is just have a Google Account. If you have not please make it.

# 2 The contents of this site / blog with the article / post English
Fill your site / blog with the article / post in English. I suggest we have a blog at least 10 articles / posts berbahsa UK. Of course, preferred the article / posting the original. However, if it is really mentok Reviews can not use English, find free articles or free contents. GoArticles.com is a source of free articles that can be used. Of course, we must follow the terms and conditions offered by any provider of free articles, usually a request to publish the original, such as keeping the original author to publish the name and footernya.

# 3 List Google Adsense
Once a site / blog Sampeyan ready with pages /posting speak English (for the blog I recommend a minimum of 10 any posts) please sign up with Google Adsense The address site / blog as a site that is registered.

At the time of sign up make sure you are registered in the name of Google Adsense with the same exact name Sampeyan in ID card to avoid the problem in check melt difficulties later.

# 4 While Awaiting decision Keep the Site / Blog
Pending the assessment process provided by Google Adsense I suggest Sampeyan still fill the website / blog with the article / post in English. I suggest that such a site / blog as we look website / blog of life.

# 5 Wait a decision Google Adsense
Approval process according to my experience of 3 - 7 days.

-oOo -

I think, if you follow the steps above then the site / blog Sampeyan will be accepted by Google Adsense. I write based on my own experience.