27 January 2009

When have avoided the error in determining the type keyword


What a mistake that should be avoided from the keyword selection ?

Assume all keyword is the same

Mr, I've tried all keyword selection, according to my calculations, I use keywords that are truly good and selection, my position is also the number one keyword in the keyword, but I was less than the maximum convertion? Sales from the website I still do little ?

What answer from the question above ?

Keyword in fact kelompokan can be divided into 3 parts

- keyword browse ( or type a search )

- keyword compare ( or benchmark type )

- keyword buy ( or type of purchase )

Keyword Browse

This type is suitable for large companies who want to spread the image and the image. Keyword type used to form browse online branding for branding / or perusaahan particular. Type keyword searches are common, usually resulting traffic will be very high, but does not indicate a conversion in a short period of time

Case studies :

Acer classmates for the company, Lenovo memanfaat techniques in seo / AdWords to increase online branding will use the keyword ‘computer’ , ‘dekstop computer’, ‘laptop’

Keyword Compare

Keyword compare more specific than the keyword Browse, but still too general, rather than buy keyword.

Keyword match this to the online store medium, with the stock items and the rather more

Customers who are ready to ready to make a purchase, but still find the best products and prices will be using this keyword.

Example keyword compare : ‘cheap computer’,'price computer’ etc

Keyword buy

Keyword is very suitable for online stores are small, single product, or unique products.

Customers who are ready to buy will usually use this type of keyword. Keyword will get much more specific type from the previous type. Usually associated with the product name, product type, product type, the city and the other things that are specific

Example keyword buy : ‘Accer Seri 5505 TX’ , ‘lenovo Y410′ ,’Harga Acer tipe xxx’, ‘Price of acer texas’ etc