25 January 2009

How to Blog Ads placed in the well

Various research indicates that laying good ad is very important impact on the income acquired from the ad. You can do is use the method of heuristic (trial and error) and then compare the results you get from each technique. Choose laying techniques do generate the most effective ads.
In addition, resetting the ad also useful to prevent the term ad fatigue. Kecuekan term that describes a visitor to the ad because iklah see too often, so they are indifferent to it and not notice it.
There are some books that iklah good placement is the placement technical iklah above the Fold / above the fold (borrowing the term paper newspaper I usually received in the condition terlipat / folded). That is an ad placement in the position be seen by the user without scrolling should do first.
There is another book I say that the ads do vertical position / bertikal tower from top to bottom to give more results than horizontal right to left