25 January 2009

How effective a Content Website or Blog with Fine

How many effective amount of content in a web page? The answer is very simple, that is not too much and not too small.
Many web masters do to create a page containing only the size of the article with very short, only a few paragraphs and then connect it on another page. They do this with a hope more and more pages will be made to improve the page or the impression more and more room for ads. This means that theoretically reproduce akan income. This is true, but if not applied correctly can make one feel irritated because readers have to load some pages hanyak separately for reading one article.
Compromise it, try to split the article into the article if the article is very long page size. If splitting the article, make a long article not too short. Minimum length of the article I used is if you posted on display will fit in the browser view in maximized position, so that the user can read a page without having to move the mouse down.
Because each browser has a range of different views do you have to test web pages on various browsers and browser long referred to the most widely used by visitors. Visitors generally use 1024 x 768 resolution but can also 800 x 600 if most visitors are using that resolution.