25 January 2009

How to Optimize the PageRank

To have your site's ranking in Google's rise, you need to increase your page rank. Next-engineering technique:
- Increase the number of Incoming links to your website. This may be the most effect on the value of page rank your page.
- Create the hierarchy and rank for your website. You can use the sitemap here. If the heading, use the h1 to highlight information. H2 information for you and less important information to h3 do not more important.
- Arrange the layout so that the website information you put in the more important and easy access in and out of place information behind important.
- Add relevant keywords you use tags or categories in accordance with the contents of the article.
- Use the text to make this website and do not use too many images.
- If you had to use the picture, fill in the value of ALT for each image and also include explanatory text in the image ALT.
- Choose a heading tag of CSS tags, as Google is indexing the content using conventional heading