25 January 2009

How to avoid technical SEO

If Google knows that you do SEO cheating tricks in order to obtain a high ranking you in the search results. You can be in the Blacklist and your site is not displayed in the Google index.
Here's the list:
- Create a text or hidden links. That is the text link or you have a color, such as background color so that people can not see it but robots able to read it.
- Cloak Page, is a technique to provide you a different page of search results on search engines
- Using Redirect for the purpose of deception.
- Me link oneself with a carrier web spammers, they join the rank web allows you to decrease.
- Shower with a Google query automatically. This waste of bandwidth google, so google does not like it.
- Create a simple keyword, the keyword is not in accordance with the contents page
Make same page
- Page do not have the content, usually filled with ads and affiliate programs without any content at all
- Website with the domain name you used to confuse the user. As http://www.yahhoo.com dimirip-miripkan with http://www.yahoo.com.