21 January 2009

Edit, Organize and Adding Labels


Any posts in the past we already know how to enter a label in the article. Now what if we want to edit  add or setting  label on some articles at once.

To do  klik  tab Posting -> Edit Posts.

/ Or if we are in the control panel page  tekan tulisan Post /


So, will open the page Edit Post or we just called the page label.

On the left side is a name label, while in the right side of any posts  given in the label. any posts marked with green.

To add a label. first we check or mark the first box on the small side, and then open the ComboBox have any posts Action Label . and if you want to add a new label just click any posts New Label.

While for the change, remove or edit the label is the same,  mark the first title of any posts we will edit and then click the name in the ComboBox label we will remove any posts under the Delete Label.

Usefulness Label.

Own label  work for us to mengelompokan any posts in a particular theme or sector.

label  will  usually be seen under the article. or we can also see it in the column next to the blog page or in the know with the label element Sidebar.