21 January 2009

How to write a script / code In Blog Articles

To write a script / code into a blog article that have their own technique, because if we write it in a way that the ordinary that will appear later in the blog is not like what we write. Gini For example, if we write code <head> with the normal way then the result will not appear in the posting because the code is translated directly into the HTML language. So to write the code <head>, then that should be written so that the code is showing this &lt;head&gt;. continue to have a lot of what if the code we should post?
How to know how to write kode2/script2 to the blog?

There are several ways to write code into a blog is, among the:

First way :
- Use a design software web, for example Macromedia Dreamwaver, Microsoft Frontpage, Namao Web Editor. Or the software can also software-as blogtools post2blog dll.
- You write code in all areas of design, then copy the code, area code from HTML Code. code area in the HTML Code is that it must be posted.

Both ways :
- Write all the code / script into the notepad
- Then change / replace the following code

Code Replacement
- You already know how mereplace in notepad? by selecting the menu edit --> replace and then on the box that appears enter the code you will replace in the field "Find what" continue to enter the code in the successor "Replace with"and press button Replace All.
- if you have all the new copy all the code that I replace all the earlier, you continue to enter into the post you.

Third way :
- Open this site http://centricle.com/tools/html-entities, continue to fill in your code into the box provided, I have press the button "Encode", then you will get a new script posted on the blog for you.

How? easy eh? take that.....