21 January 2009

Place YM Status on Blogger


This time I will try to study how to decorate a blog, especially at the side bar with the status of our YM. With this we can know are online or not. As in this myblog sidebar.

I actually is quite a long time, just because akhir2 this anak2 on campus so much that I get this post.

If i want to place this in our blog sidebar (if a Blogger) is quite easy.

  • First go to Blogger.com.
  • Click layout. Select menu "Add a Page Element".
  • Select from the list of elements of the HTML / JavaScript.
  • Content with HTML to display the status of our YM.
HTML for it is like this:

Do not forget to change its ID YM (Your ID) YM ID with you own questions. Now the value of the number on the back t that we can replace the 0-9, to display the appropriate icon taste our.

The result will appear like this cool icon like this. T value for this icon I order from 0-9, please select the appropriate taste which.

This YM status can also installed in other places. As in the Friendster profile and testi for example. I do the same. Live coffee paste the code as above.